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2023/12/17 • Max Shen

As a student and also a developer, I have been searching for the best productivity method over the past few years. I’ve tried the Pomodoro Technique, Time Blocking, and many others. But none of them really worked for me in the long run.

Take the Pomodoro Technique as an example. It’s effective when I really lack of motivation. However, in normal situations, I prefer to focus for longer periods to enter flow state, which isn’t feasible with the strict 25-minute work duration.

After some research, I discovered the Flowtime Technique (a.k.a Flowmodoro). I tried it out, and it works really well. It is not only effective for me to enter flow state, but also flexible enough to adapt to different situations.

The only drawback is that the setup is somewhat cumbersome. Every time I start working, I have to run a stopwatch. And when I decide to take a break, I need to stop it, divide the time by 5, and then set a countdown timer.

I thought this process could be automated. So, I tried some existing flowmodoro web apps, but none completely met my needs and the user experience was not great.

Thus, I decided to build my own.

The Plan

The 3 MVP features of Flowmodor will be:

  • 🕒 Flowmodoro Timer: Counts up during focus sessions and counts down during breaks, based on your focus duration.
  • 📋 Task List: Helps organize and manage tasks, integrating them with focus sessions.
  • 📊 Focus Report: Tracks and summarizes focus and break patterns to enhance productivity insights.

The first feature is pretty much finished, and I’m currently using it. The other two are under development.

Release Date?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait until the official release day of Flowmodor. Instead, you can become a private beta tester by joining the waitlist!

Once the first two features are finished, I’ll grant access to beta testers. You can then provide feedback for improvements. Join me on this journey!

Edit: Flowmodor is now in public beta! Sign up here.

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